Hidden Gems Near Bangalore : Part 4 Belum caves ( A place where sky is not the limit but the roof of cave is)

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This was the second day of my weekend Trip to Lepakshi, gandikota and Belum. Any of the three could well be converted into a one-day solo trip if you are up for some drive. To read about first stop read the blog Part 1 - Lepakshi: Hidden Gem Part I, Part II : Grand canyon of India: Gandikota or for full transcript read Weekend drive: Lepakshi, Gandikota and Belum Caves. Belum cave is one of the most well-maintained caves in India and was always on the list of places to visit before you die checklist. Having covered the other two places yesterday we have kept Belum for the second day. So after relaxing in Haritha resort for the night, we were ready for the return to Bangalore.

Belum cave Entrance and Exit
The morning we got up and started at 8 am deciding to skip breakfast in Hotel but trying out something good on the road. Monumental mistake to the level of awesomeness of GandiKota, being a small town there was hardly any restaurant open at this time or maybe the people wanted to laze around on a Sunday morning. So we kept on driving empty stomach munching biscuits and cakes that we had packed for snacks. Savouring each of them and looking out of place to eat we detour to a resort based on google selection, but no joke was still on us, the entire place was booked for some political meeting and lots of people with big flags furling everywhere were gathered at the gate. We cursed under our breath and took a U-turn to meet a random Police check. Police guy was looking for something which they didn't find on us and ended up opening bags of diapers and baby milk. 

Anyways good news was that we were only 30 min of our destinations and there would be restaurants open there as confirmed by the inspector. We were so hungry that we were not even enjoying the amazing roads we were travelling. Unlike GandiKota road to Belum is well laid out and with good markings throughout. We found many school buses doing local excursion tours to the place. As soon as we reached the place the debate was on should we eat first and then go and visit the caves or first visit the caves and then eat so that we can do brunch and save some time as it was already 11 am. 

But the rumbling in my stomach convinced everyone that it has to be food, the restaurant inside Belum cave campus opens very late but luckily there are small places just at the gate that serve some basic south Indian delicacies. We settled on paratha, dosa and alu ki sabji all tasting amazingly fresh and tasty. I still don't know who was happier the shop owner for we being the first of the tour group or us devouring everything he said is available. After a smiling stomach, we entered the cave. There are few steps which lead you the cave and after that, it stretches for around 2 km. 

There is only a common entry and exit so walk to the limit you can come back as inside it becomes kind of claustrophobic as there is no natural ventilation but only artificial pumps taking care of letting fresh air inside. As you will go inside you might feel a bit light headed and getting tired soon. So be careful. But back to the cave in itself, it’s another wonderful creation of nature. The government has done some good work here for the 50 Rs ticket they charge as the area is well lit and aired. Even the paths have been made in such a way that you can walk easily. Even my kid was running on her own most of the parts. You should definitely go there at least once to get the feel of cave living.

Again after some heavy dose of picture clicking, we started back, where we found a storm of kids from the excursion tour of some local school. My kid became the instant hit among the crowd as she was the youngest one roaming around the place on her own. She happily waved to all her fans and we too said silent byes to the two wonderful places that we explored. Both of its own kind but worth a visit to see nature at its most creative mood. Savouring all the moments we stormed back in the setting sun to the blaring headlights of Bangalore (No in Bangalore we the car owners don’t know how not to use high beam!#$@#$) as we neared home tired but enthralled.

 But even before entering Bangalore had a flat and while changing the tyre in mid afternoon we understood how much our car was saving us with its AC running to the full. Finally, we managed to change the tyre and reach till a puncture shop. The guy was very welcoming and by the time he fixed the tyre we had a nice lunch in a hotel nearby. Simple but very tasty food. Delighted we finally started back to the end of the trip planning for the next one.

1. Take good amount of food with you as you will find nothing on long               stretch.
2. Caves could feel a bit claustrophobic so take precaution

5. If you want to stay in Haritha Gandikota do booking at least a month in         advance on aptdc official website.

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