7 Day Coastal Karnataka (From Bangalore) - A place so beautiful you will never have enough of it

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There are times when the work gets the best out of you and you just want to unwind completely. Just as food is for your body travelling is for your soul. It cleanses you from inside and takes you to a state where you start seeing yourself and people near you in a different light. It's time to look for inner peace within.

We have travelled always on weekend breaks but this time we wanted to go on a long road trip and experience places up and close. The plan that came into the picture was to cover the western coastline till Karwar. So find the links to the day wise itinerary of the place as it was not possible to put so much on a single page. You can plan for the entire trip or break it up into short ones depending upon your plans and leave.

Day 1: Coastal Karnataka- Kushalnagar 

This could well be covered as 2 day trip from Bangalore.

Day 2: Coastal Karnataka- Bekal

The direct drive time to Bekal is around 8 hours and so if you are up for the drive or are a group of people who can share the driving responsibility this could be your ideal 3-day trip.

Day 3 & 4: Coastal Karnataka- Malpe, Udupi and St Mary Island

The Bangalore Udupi drive is around 7 hours and that makes it ideal 3-day trip from Bangalore and 1-day buffer if you are planning to relax a bit more in sun and sand.

Day 5 and 6: Coastal Karnataka- Gokarna and Murudeshwar

Murudeshwar is normally covered as part of your 3-4 day Udupi trip as it completes the major temples of the area. Gokarna, on the other hand, is your custom holiday where 2 days are for driving and then beside that how many days you allow yourself to be pampered with is upon you. Hidden Paradise undoubtedly. 

Day 7: Coastal Karnataka- Karwar the Sleeping beauty

Karwar is a beach destination that gets to maintain its old world charm even when dwarfed by its mighty neighbours Gokarna and Goa. Drive time from Bangalore is 7-8 hours making it a good long weekend getaway.

Read the blogs and then see yourself.

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