Long weekend trip to Hampi and Badami

By 12:10

This January republic day was falling on Thursday which meant if you suddenly get a mysterious disease on Friday you can have a long weekend at you hand. And so it was planned that we should try and cover both Hampi and Badami in these days. Hampi is all weather Hot place and so November till January is the best time to go there. But don't be surprised that even these days the place will be very hot so carry umbrella, hat and well tuned AC vehicle if you want to survive this place. having said that every inch of this place is worth and really lives up to the discomfort some of us might face in roaming here. Our trip started on Thursday morning and ended on Sunday. For ease of planning, I have divided them into the following parts each of which could be done separately if you don't have a long weekend.

Part 1: Hampi and Sandur

Part 2: Badami and Hampi

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