Hidden Gems Near Bangalore: Part 5 GandiKota(A gorge that is gorgeous)

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Date of Travel: 19-20 November 2016
Time taken: 6 hours from bangalore
cost: hotel cost 3000 per night, food nominal charge, no entry charge



The plan was to start early at 5 am on Saturday towards GandiKota with an intermediate break at lepakshi followed by Belum Caves. We surprisingly did manage to be ready sharp at 5. My kid seemed happy about getting up in the early hour, a good Omen of things to come. We were driving a TUV- Mahindra so we were not afraid of any potholes as we heard many stretches of AP State highways were being worked on. We took the outer ring road to reach the airport and then the NH-44 going towards Nandi hills. We covered good ground and had crossed Nandi hills in about one and half hour. 

Water Pond
Suddenly out of nowhere, a mist started forming on the roads, initially, we thought of it as smoke as Bangalore is not so chilly these days. But as we progressed we had to switch on our fog lights and the drive speed fell below 40 kmph. As the stretch is clear of any living population so the entire area was looking as if we are in by lanes of Ooty. My baby was full awestruck to even talk as she hadn't seen such a fog in her small life. We were also enjoying the beauty but were only worried about time. Luckily though it lasted for only around half an hour and then we zoomed past to Gandikota.

To read about first stop read the blog Part 1 - Lepakshi: Hidden Gem Part I or for full transcript read Weekend drive : Lepakshi, Gandikota and Belum Caves

As we continued on the stretch a fort wall came in the picture with a board confirming that it was our destination of GandiKota. No one was there to tell where to go next so we followed some car to enter the fort, it is a stony patch of road which continues till back side of the wall via a small establishment of people. Because of morning domestic animals like hen, dogs were all marching ahead of us and we were trying not to hit any of them. 
Soon the road ended and we parked our vehicle at one end. Again as no one is there to tell which route to take we followed a group of local people. There were few old ladies selling nuts at one of the steps and showed us to take the steps and move toward some granary buildings nearby. These all buildings look like old storehouse and also houses a JAIL here. In front of JAIL building, there is a beautiful pond having lots of steps o reach the water that is not worth use, Though be careful with it though as the path is not very well maintained and is also made of stone blocks. 

As we continued on the same path the mountain cliff started showing in the background. It’s a small walk of 500 meters but still be careful as it is made of stone only. Once you enter the cliff region you know you are entering a different world with all stone lying on each other as if someone has chiseled them and put them on top of each other to create a huge castle of sorts, that too all in red the same stone which has been used to make Red Fort maybe. 
Way to Gorge viewpoint
We excitingly pushed on keeping our breath close as we know this place has taken the breath out of many previous tourists. And well even the preserved breath found its way to skip as soon as we saw the gorge area. "PHEW" "WOW" "REAL??" all these questions if it comes to your mind join the group. It’s a place beyond explanation. Mesmerising to the core you can sit here without any sense of time. With the sunset, the whole place changes to god's place because only he can create beauty like this. You can stand on top of rocks feel like KING of the World or simply meditate and enjoy the serene unspoilt beauty of the place. 
Gandikota Gorge view
Though we didn't explore but there is a mild trek that can take you the bottom of the river for the adventurous types. 


Now one word of caution here, the only hotel for the stay here is an APTDC Haritha hotel which is situated next to GandiKota fort but before booking it please ensure you have everything with you as for miles there is no shop. A better option could be staying at Kadapa which is the nearest town and has many options for stay and food.
Oh and yes they have ATMs which finally gave cash without any lines (For people who are unaware India is undergoing demonetization and all existing cash are null and void). As compared to metro cities there was no rush in front of ATM here and we merrily took out money from an SBI ATM. We stayed in Haritha Kadapa which was a basic hotel with average service but good food and dirt price liquor. Beat this Smirnoff listed price was 35 Rs along with Royal stag for 30 ml. The place in itself is very big with huge lawns and neat rooms. 


1. Take good amount of food with you as you will find nothing on long  stretch.
2. Carry your sun lotion, shades or umbrella if coming in afternoon as the   stone becomes very hot
3. Best time to come is early morning to see the Sunrise
4. If you want to stay in Haritha Gandikota do booking at least a month in advance on aptdc official website.

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